About Us

About us

Our mission is to increase the value of your property.

CAPS can fulfil the need for a service tailored to each individual with one single company. Services include: fully comprehensive property management service, rentals, maintenance, building project management, construction, renovation, thermal insulation, decorating, architecture, design and 3D drawings, maintenance and repairs, design, garden construction, renovation and maintenance and finally dealing with the bureaucratic nature of issues. We at CAPS aim at adding value to the property in order to avoid the quick devaluation of the property. 

The CAPS team have extensive experience in ALL the above areas making sure that the quality of work and meeting of deadlines can be achieved.

Our expansion into Property Management is seen as an opportunity to provide owners with a full and complete service, guaranteeing them quality of that service. Our aim is to offer peace of mind to clients, by them knowing that their property is being professionally maintained and managed.

Anyone who has undertaken renovation/construction works will know that even a small job will involve several tradesmen and probably dealings with authorities where planning permission is concerned. Allied to this is the fact that individuals are often not residents which makes co-ordinating the work extremely difficult. This is where CAPS can help by ensuring that such work is undertaken in a professional manner, fulfilling specifications and deadlines.